3 Tips to Make External Klarwindows Doors Last Longer

26 August 2021
Oreoluwa Lawal

An overall good-looking and long-lasting door is viable with a good care routine, even if it’s a wooden, uPVC, or composite. It only takes a periodic maintenance routine and a determination to enhance the lifespan of an exterior door. So, here’s how to care for your door to make it last longer.

Inspect for hinges and seals periodically

In compliance with the door manufacturing law, fire seals are attached to the door or the door frame. Clean the fire seals alongside other seals regularly present to maintain a dust-free door. The same applies to the joins and the hinges. Make sure to inspect for cracks and wraps. Re-tighten loosed hinges and clean off dirt settling on its surface.

Lubricate door handles

Due to the continuous movement of the door’s handles, there’s a higher risk of a squeaky or a creaky door handle. In other cases, door handles can stick due to friction on the handle mechanism. All you have to do is to apply lubricants to the door handles and locks. Also, check out for misaligned door handle placement. If the door’s handles or locks are not correctly fitted into the space, doors may not last long.

Treat swelling and bloating.

For an excessively damp environment, it’s best to treat doors periodically for swelling and bloating. The afterward effects of a swollen door include the inability to close correctly and misaligned locks. The solution to avoid doors not closing correctly is to treat wooden exterior klarwindows doors against damping before installation. Then, avoid water coming in contact with the installed doors as water isn’t healthy for wooden doors. In the case of already damped doors, allow plenty of ventilation to put the situation under control.


A door is an excellent home investment and should last a lifetime. Use the guides to make your doors last forever.